"Pro" Package

"Pro" Package
$ 499.00

You will be charged $499 per month starting today and may cancel at any time.

Subscribe to use Gimbal's macro-location geofences with software, our mobile SDKs, analytics tools and a management portal to help you get the most out of your mobile location strategy.

The "Pro" Geofencing Package includes:

 Active Places 1,000
 Active Users  10,000 / month
 Place Visits  25,000 / month
 Active Beacons 1,000


As well as access to:

  • Geofencing (Radial and Polygonal)
  • Communicate Push Messages
  • Place Analytics
  • Multi-Organization Management
  • REST API Access
  • Email Support
  • Knowledge Base Access
  • App Store Demo and Sample Applications (iOS and Android)