1,680 Series 10 Beacons (Full Case)

1,680 Series 10 Beacons (Full Case)
$ 7,560.00
A full case of 1,680 Series 10 beacons:
  • 10% off when you buy in bulk (discounted price reflected below)
  • Each beacon comes with its yellow battery tab inserted (beacon powered off)
  • Beacons are efficiently packed in a 15.5"(l) x 12.75"(w) x 14"(h) heavy grade cardboard masterpack designed for direct shipping worldwide
  • A full list of FactoryIDs/Activation Codes for each beacon is available in a CSV file for bulk activation purposes
  • Choose 'Purchase Order' on checkout to pay via ACH or wire transfer
  • Custom Firmware and/or custom reconfiguration/labeling services are available for an additional cost - contact store@gimbal.com for further details
Each Series 10 beacon within the case:
  • Uses a standard CR2032 replaceable battery (preinstalled, ready to activate)
  • Has a typical battery life of 3 months in its default configuration (4 months with firmware update; 2-3 weeks when configured with iBeacon™ technology)
  • Is compatible with iBeacon™ technology (requires firmware and configuration update)
  • Is not recommended for Eddystone (battery life is only a few weeks)
  • Each beacon is 1.6in (l) x 1.1in (w) x 0.2in (h) (40mm x 28mm x 5.5mm)
  • Full specifications are available here: Series 10 Manual

Please reference the Gimbal Supported Countries page for a list of countries we are currently shipping to.  Some countries may require an additional regulatory sticker applied to the back of the beacon. (see example in the last picture)

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